What do you need to do before you have your carpets cleaned or repaired in Ocean County and Monmouth County, NJ?

What To Expect And How To Prepare For Carpet Cleaning And Carpet Repair

We offer FREE Estimates for all of our services, many by phone. We’ll take the time to thoroughly explain different cleaning methods and procedures during the initial call so you can feel confident making an informed decision.

After scheduling your service, we encourage you to write down your appointment on a calendar with the individual’s name you spoke to, and our phone number: 732-929-9669. We will call 1 week in advance to confirm the appointment, review the work, and our mutual expectations. Often we play “phone tag” but we do request that you return our phone call.

We will also call the day before your appointment and at least 1 hour before our arrival so you know what time we will arrive. Our cleaning technicians will be in company uniforms and jackets that are clearly labeled. We drive company vans that are also clearly labeled.

Before we arrive:

Please make sure we will be able to access the nearest exterior door to the area being cleaned. If you need to remove cars from your driveway, please do this prior to our arrival.

If you live in a gated community, please call in advance and let security know that you are expecting “GM Carpet Care.”

If you have pets, please remove them to a room not being cleaned, a neighbor, or secured in a kennel or carrier. We will be opening and closing doors and want to be sure your pets are kept safe. We are not responsible for a runaway cat or dog.

If any furniture is to be moved by our crews, please remove ALL items from the tops of the furniture. We cannot move any furniture with items on or in them.

We ask for a very thorough vacuuming of all carpets or upholstery to be cleaned. The day before is preferred! If a customer cannot vacuum, we do offer this service.

We provide Tips To Keep Carpets Clean In Your Rental Property in this article.

carpet cleaning and carpet repair in toms river new jersey
let your carpet dry completely after it's been cleaned in toms river, new jersey

What to do after we leave:

After carpet cleaning, we recommend that you wear white socks only to walk on any carpets that have been cleaned. No shoes, slippers, or colored socks. Please limit this walking for 2-4 hours until carpets are completely dry.

Promote air circulation to promote drying! Turn on all ceiling fans, window fans, etc. Open windows, if possible. Turn up the heat in the winter, or turn down the air conditioner in the summer.

We ask you to leave any furniture cards or blocks under your furniture for 24 hours after carpet cleaning. These prevent rust or furniture stains on your carpet.

For upholstery cleaning, we will arrange cushions in teepee style, please rotate them every half hour.

Give a thorough vacuuming the following day. You cannot vacuum too often! It helps set the pile, and in sandy Ocean and Monmouth County, it removes any churned-up sand.

Tell your friends and neighbors!

Feel free to brag about your clean carpets and the fantastic service you received from GM Carpet Care.

Spot Removal Tips

Always feel free to call us anytime for expert advice on spot removal. All our personnel are certified “spotting” experts and have a thorough understanding of the causes of your spots. We know how to proceed with solvent, sour, and alkaline cleaning to remove those strange, persistent stains.

If you have a spot you cannot remove, we offer spot removal services. We do require a minimum service call fee for our time and effort, but if we cannot get it out, the spot is not removable! The vast majority of spots are removed though, and we love the challenge.

If a spot cannot be cleaned, it can still be removed if it is large, noticeable, or bothersome. Carpeting is the most forgiving of all floor coverings and an area with a spot/stain can be replaced using spare carpet pieces or a closet. Learn more about our Carpet Repair Services.

carpet spot removal and how to get stains out of your carpet in ocean county

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