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We are Ocean County’s premier upholstery cleaners for 40 years, knowledgeable and certified in all areas, fibers and techniques. Carpets are basically nylon or olefin and much simpler. Upholstery is made of hundreds (100’s) of different fibers and often labeled with “multiple fibers of unknown kind.” Different fibers require different methods of cleaning!! We identify the fiber, appropriate cleaning method, and the problem areas – without damaging the fabric.

THINK ABOUT IT: Upholstery is often only cleaned once every 5, 10, or 15 years!! Don’t you want the correct, most thorough cleaning for your health and longevity of your investment.

We offer Hand, Sponge, Bonnet, Shampoo, Portable, and Truck Mount Hot Water Extraction. We thoroughly vacuum, pre-treat soiled areas, clean, dry, and brush the fabrics as appropriate. We can also deodorize any situation such as musty storage, pet odor, or vomit-illness. We also HIGHLY recommend a thorough coating of 3M Scotchgard™ to keep and maintain the results. Especially if it is to keep those results for another 3, 4, or 5 years!


We also use a pretreatment to break down dirt and soils, we again agitate, and extract the water out of the material leaving it lightly damp. We are trained and tested by the IICRC on our knowledge of fine fabrics and how to treat them. So rest assured that whether its suede to silk, microfiber to herculon, we know the best way to handle your furnishings without damaging your quality furniture.

  1. We offer “FREE ESTIMATES” of all our services, mostly by phone. We will make every effort to thoroughly explain ALL our methods and procedures during the initial call, estimate and booking.
  2. We encourage you to write down your appointment on a calendar with the individual’s name you spoke to, and our phone number. 732-929-9669.
  3. We call 1 week in advance to confirm the appointment, review the work, and our mutual expectations. Often we play “phone tag” but we do request your return phone call.
  4. We call the day before to remind once again. That is, at least, a total of 3 conversations to remember the appointment.
  5. We ask for a very thorough vacuuming of all upholstery to be cleaned. The day before is preferred!! If a customer cannot vacuum, we do offer this service.
  1. We will ask for a review of all results, after completing the job. WE LOVE THE PRAISE we get at this stage but it is always better to tell your friends and neighbors.
  2. We ask you to keep air circulation to a maximum!! Turn on all ceiling fans, window fans etc. Open windows, if possible. Turn up heat in the winter. Turn down Air Conditioner in summer. Upholstery generally dries within an hour.
  3. We will arrange cushions in teepee style, PLEASE rotate them every half hour.
  4. We ask for payment in cash, check or credit card. A receipt will be provided, along with flyers and a complimentary refrigerator magnet.
  1. We offer FREE ESTIMATES at your home or office. With hundreds of different fibers, soiling and methods of cleaning isn’t this the logical place to start . We will educate you on fiber, cleaning methods and of course, Price. Call Today 732-929-9669
  2. We start with a thorough vacuuming of ALL surfaces. Especially the deck, cracks, and crevices get our attention!!
  3. We shampoo or pretreat all soiled areas and agitate (with soft pads) to break down dirt, food, oils, that have accumulated over the years.
  4. We use an extraction of some sort. Generally hot water extraction by portable or truck machines. Gentle fabrics may require toweling.
  5. We specialize in velvet’s, velours, corduroys that must be brushed and blow dried. Cottons, wools are dried quickly. Most upholstery will dry with an hour.
  6. We can be deodorize, disinfect, and/or apply 3M Scotchgard™.
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