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GM Carpet Care, LLC owner, Mark Case with his sons

About GM Carpet Care

GM Carpet Care was established by Mark Case in 1978. He wanted a name that would always remind him of high-quality service and knowledge. The initials stand for God and Mark’s Carpet Care or Services. He always puts the Lord as his Senior Partner.

The journey from running a small local business with portable machines in the 70s to running multiple truck-mounted vans was no easy task. Mark was also a single father raising a family here in Toms River. He wanted a small family-owned and operated business with his four sons Matthew, Marc, Luke, and Jon, named after the four gospels of the bible.

Always Family Owned and Operated

When his sons grew of age they were all heavily involved with running and operating the business. Together, today they provide Ocean County & Monmouth County area with the highest quality services for their customers.

The slogan was always “Credibility through Knowledge” so it was no wonder that Mark would become certified in over 15 specialties and the only Certified Senior Carpet Inspector in Ocean County.

His four sons also followed along with training and certifications in many of the services they provide always staying true to their slogan. With a small staff and his four sons, Mark always did his best to compete with all of the carpet cleaning franchises moving into the Jersey Shore area.

Never becoming a franchise, GM Carpet always wanted to show the care that they could provide by sending out the owners and managers to each job. Always providing the customer with the best technicians and the highest quality jobs they deserve.

The business started by reaching out to mainly senior communities in Ocean County. It now serves all residential and commercial areas of Ocean and Monmouth Counties.

GM Carpet Care continues to stay optimistic and to push forward to grow and expand. Staying true to how a small business should be providing for its community, by being part of the community itself. The best in knowledge, equipment, and service for all of our customers.

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