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Rediscover the Natural Beauty of Your Tile & Natural Stone Surfaces

Are your stone, tile, and marble surfaces looking dull and tired? Stop dreading the idea of spending hours on your hands and knees scrubbing and cleaning and just call GM Carpet Care based in Toms River, New Jersey. Our professional, certified technicians service Ocean and Monmouth County, NJ and will clean and refresh your hard surfaces, renewing their shine and natural beauty with ease!

Our specialized cleaning solutions and powerful suction equipment remove dirt and grime that has built up on your stone, tile, and marble surfaces over time. Our experienced tile cleaning technicians are experts at cleaning stained grout and concrete as well as stripping and waxing the floors in your home or business. Give us a call today for a free estimate.

stone, tile, and marble floor cleaning in toms river tile cleaning monmouth county nj
  • Save Time & Energy

Tile & grout cleaning can be painstakingly difficult. Enlist the help of professionals with the right equipment and training to get your floors clean.

  • Deep, Penetrating Clean

The porous nature of your tile and grout allows dirt and soils to become deeply embedded. you’ll be amazed at how much dirt is in your floors!

  • Enjoy Healthier Floors

Mopping can spread germs and bacteria that are trapped in your tile and grout to other areas. Professional cleaning is the only way to achieve cleaner, healthier floors.

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It’s Time to Love Your Floors Again

It is recommended that your tile, stone, and marble be cleaned every 12 months to ensure long-lasting protection. Sparkling clean, sanitized tile and stone looks better and is healthier for your home. 

Renew the looks of your tile, stone, and marble by calling GM Carpet Care today. Our certified trained technicians service Ocean and Monmouth County, New Jersey. We are so confident you will love the results that we provide a free phone estimate and sample cleaning to let you see the difference.

Commercial Hard Floor Cleaning, Waxing and Buffing Services

We pledge to provide cutting-edge cleaning methods for every square inch of our clients’ commercial spaces. Beautiful hard surface floors require frequent cleaning and maintenance to keep them looking showroom-ready. You can rely on our crew for dependable hard floor cleaning services in Ocean County and Monmouth County, whether you have tile and grout surfaces, or vinyl flooring. Our business floor cleaning staff can improve the look, feel, and functionality of your hard surface floors by putting them to work for you.

Dirt, foot traffic, dampness, and other elements that are part of typical wear and tear are constantly affecting the flooring in your workstation. Many contemporary floors utilize a wax finish or multiple thin coatings of polymer to provide a glossy, reflecting layer. With the polishing, this coating can be strengthened or improved.

By developing a cleaning schedule that meets your scheduling requirements, we have the tools necessary to maintain that coating looking and operating exactly the way you want it to.

commercial tile and grout cleaning monmouth county, nj


As part of our commercial floor cleaning services we are trained professionals and experienced in using a floor buffer. Our floor buffing process begins with us sweeping and dusting your floor to remove any loose dirt and dust. After the floor has been swept, if necessary, we mop the floor and allow it to dry before buffing. The floor buffing process has a few steps:


commercial floor waxing and buffing ocean county, new jersey
  • We select the correct pad and cleaning solution for the buffing machine based on the type of floor that your business has. There’s a difference between linoleum, hardwood floors, and tile floors. We choose the cleaning solution and pad that’s ideal for your floors.
  • We apply a mixture of the commercial cleaning solution and water liberally on the floor and begin cleaning the floor by moving the machine up and down in rows. Once the entire floor has been treated, we repeat the process as necessary on any remaining areas of the floor that still need extra treatment.
  • Cleaning pads are changed when they become dirty or worn out.
  • The tile or wood floors are dusted and mopped again after the floor is buffed to remove any dirty solution that was left on the floor. If necessary, a wet vacuum is used to clean up the dirty cleaning solution when extra amounts of it were used on the floors.
  • If requested, a polishing pad is attached to the machine to create a very bright shine on the floor.
  • Finally, if the client desires, wax can be stripped and re-applied. Floor wax is pretty durable and doesn’t need to be removed and reapplied every time the floor is buffed. Depending on the amount of traffic the floor endures, the normal length of time between wax stripping is six months to one year.

Grout Sealant Dos & Don’ts

A clear grout sealant penetrates the grout surface to create a protectant barrier against spills and permanent stains, ensuring the future cleanings yield the best possible results. 

Depending on the type of grout installed, it may not be best to apply a sealant. We recommend a thorough discussion with your GM Technician to determine if your grout can benefit from being sealed.

tile and grout cleaning in toms river nj

Rely on our 40+ years of experience to help you determine if your grout can and should be sealed. Cleanings can take 30-60 minutes but, applying a sealant may take another 2-3 hours. Please schedule and allow enough time for all options.house cleaning

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is cleaning grout between marble tiles part of most tile restoration?

A: It depends on the level of staining and build-up on the grout repair. If it’s a light cleaning, then most grout and tile restoration companies will not include that as part of their service. If the grout is heavily stained or there is a lot of build-up, then it will need to be cleaned in order for the marble tile to look its best. Professional tile repair or tile replacement may also be needed.

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