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GM Services/Carpet Repair

GM Services offers a wide variety of carpet repair, re-stretching, and installation services. Act quickly though. Bear in mind that the longer you wait the worst they become. There is a good chance we can save your investment.

This is the sign of a true expert!! Someone who knows how something is constructed, can install it, maintain it, and repair it. At GM Carpet Care we do it all! As a certified Senior Carpet Inspector, we have to be able to point the “finger of cause” but also correct it.

  • Rips, Burns, Open Seams, De-lamination– we have the knowledge, experience and equipment to repair all makes and types of carpeting. Anything that is repairable we do, and we love the challenge.
  • Rippled, Loose, Stretched-a common mistake of carpet installers is NOT to power stretch carpets during installation. This Is A Requirement Of The Carpet And Rug Institute Of The United States!! This leads to loose, ripped carpets with excessive wear and trip hazards. We have ALL the equipment to install your carpets properly and extend the beautiful useful life of your investment.
  • Burns and Stain Removal – as discussed under spotting. “Carpeting is the most forgiving of all Flooring!” Every stain and burn can be removed by carpet replacement from scrap carpeting or a closet.
  1. We offer “FREE ESTIMATES” of all our services, mostly by phone. We will make every effort to thoroughly explain ALL our methods and procedures during the initial call, estimate and booking.
  2. We encourage you to write down your appointment on a calendar with the individual’s name you spoke to, and our phone number. 732-929-9669.
  3. We call 1 week in advance to confirm the appointment, review the work, and our mutual expectations. Often we play “phone tag” but we do request your return phone call.
  4. We call the day before to remind once again. That is, at least, a total of 3 conversations to remember the appointment.
  5. We ask for a very thorough vacuuming of all carpets to be cleaned. The day before is preferred!! If a customer cannot vacuum, we do offer this service for an additional fee.
  6. We will call, at least 1 hour before to let you know what time you may expect them.
  7. We ask for access to the nearest exterior door of the area to be cleaned. This may require removal of vehicles from the driveway. PLEASE DO THIS IN ADVANCE OF THE CREWS ARRIVAL.
  8. We ask if you are in a gated community, PLEASE call in advance to the gate and let security know that you are expecting “GM Services.”
  9. We ask if you have pets PLEASE move them in advance to a room NOT being cleaned, a neighbor, their cages, etc. We will be opening and closing doors and CANNOT be responsible for a runaway cat or dog.
  10. We are in company uniforms and jackets that are clearly labeled. We drive company vans that are also clearly labeled for advertising.
  11. We ask that you PLEASE remove ALL knickknacks, bric-a-brac, items from on top of AND within all furniture in the rooms to be re-stretched. As many items that you can personally remove from the room is greatly appreciated.
  12. We ask that you PLEASE remove as much as possible within a 10 foot radius of any repairs, to give free, unencumbered access to the area.
  13. We thoroughly clean up after ourselves. We return ALL furniture to its original location. We vacuum all areas.
  14. We ask that you give a thorough vacuuming the following day. REMEMBER: You cannot vacuum too often!!
  15. We ask for payment in cash, check or credit card. A receipt will be provided, along with flyers and a complimentary refrigerator magnet.
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