Carpet Spot Removal

In Ocean County and Monmouth County, NJ

Tips to Deal With Spots and Stains on Carpets

Always feel free to call us anytime for expert advice on spot removal. All our personnel are certified “spotting” experts and have a thorough understanding of the causes of your spots. We know how to proceed with solvent, sour, and alkaline cleaning to remove those strange, persistent stains.

If you have a spot you cannot remove, we offer spot removal services in Ocean County and Monmouth County, New Jersey. We do require a minimum service call fee for our time and effort, but if we cannot get it out, the spot is not removable! The vast majority of spots are removed though, and we love the challenge.

If a spot cannot be cleaned, it can still be removed if it is large, noticeable, or bothersome. Carpeting is the most forgiving of all floor coverings and an area with a spot/stain can be removed and replaced using spare carpet pieces or from a closet. Learn more about our Carpet Repair Services.

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