Should I Vacuum Before Carpet Cleaning?

Before carpet cleaning with a steam carpet washer or by a professional carpet cleaner, it should first be properly vacuumed with an ordinary household vacuum cleaner. This will get rid of any loose dirt and any gravel or sand that has tracked into the house. Additionally, it will fluff the carpet fibers, releasing embedded dirt.

Pet dander, dirt and dust from normal household activities are continually in contact with carpets. Cleaning your carpets on a regular basis helps to enhance the quality of the air within your home and protects your family from bacteria and germs. Vacuuming your carpet before deep cleaning is recommended for the best results.

Vacuum your carpet before using the rug cleaner and spend some time cleaning up the area, removing any small furniture, and decluttering the surrounding area.

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Reasons to Vacuum Your Carpet First Before Cleaning It

You’ll Get Better Results From Your Carpet Cleaning

The carpet cleaning will be more effective because it will be able to clean deeper. Without doing a quick pass with the vacuum over your carpet before cleaning it, you can end up smearing dirt as you go along the cleaning path because the water will get dirty very quickly, which will increase the amount of carpet cleaning you have to do.

After cleaning your carpet’s surface of dirt and dust, you obtain the best results from both a rental carpet cleaning machine and from a professional carpet cleaning. If the carpet is not vacuumed before steam cleaning, your carpet will look clean on the surface but remain dirty underneath. Loose dirt that is deeply ingrained into the carpet fibers cannot be removed by a steam cleaner. Deep cleaning without first vacuuming the carpet can over time result in improper operation of the cleaning device with will end up damaging it.

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It Prevents Damage To Your Carpet.

If you don’t take care of this issue, the carpet ages more quickly because the gravel and other debris that settle below the surface are ground into the carpet’s foundation and destroy the fibers holding the carpet together. The carpet fibers may come loose as a result of rubbing against the dirt while being pulled back and forth by the steaming machine. Your carpet may not show signs of wear and tear until it is too late to take action. When cleaning, keep your carpet in good condition by vacuuming first to extend its life and improve its beauty.

Indoor Air Quality Will Improve

You cannot completely eliminate offensive odors in the air until the carpet has been fully cleaned because dirt and other debris that is embedded into the carpet fibers will not have been removed. Before professional cleaning, vacuuming the carpet will help clear the area and give the room a clean, fresh aroma before the rest of the process even begins. Your home’s indoor air quality is enhanced by a clean carpet and a hygienic environment.

Save Time and Money

The removal of tracked-in pet dander, hair strands, and loose dirt by vacuuming helps keep homes clean. Vacuuming first gets rid of small objects or sand fragments that can harm the carpet cleaning machine and the carpet itself in addition to making cleaning easier.

While vacuuming, you can also come across tiny objects like elastics, hair accessories, small toys, and other objects that could obstruct the hose and prolong downtime if the person who is cleaning has to stop to pick them up during the cleaning. No matter what kind of carpet cleaner you use, vacuuming before cleaning is always more efficient.

You will need to spend more time cleaning your carpet if you don’t vacuum it first, which translates to expensive rental costs. The vacuuming part of the process can be completed in advance, which not only reduces rental expenses but also produces excellent results.

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If I have a carpet cleaning service, should I vacuum?

Before using a professional carpet cleaner you should prepare the area that’s going to be cleaned. GM Carpet Care asks for a few preparations to be made such as making sure there is a clear path through the door and on the driveway for the truck to be in position. Additionally, if the crew needs to move furniture from the area, all items should be removed from the tops of furniture so it can be moved quickly and easily. If possible, this Toms River based Carpet Cleaning company asks that carpets be vacuumed thoroughly the day before the y come to clean the carpet. If this isn’t possible, they do offer an additional vacuuming service prior to carpet cleaning.

Is vacuuming in preparation for professional carpet cleaning mandatory? No – it’s simply not possible in some cases. If you can’t physically do it, don’t have time, or don’t have a functioning vacuuming cleaner at home, performing this step in the cleaning preparation won’t happen before the scheduled appointment. Making sure the company knows before they arrive is the key to avoiding scheduling conflicts or misunderstandings if the job takes longer than expected.

If you need to vacuum first, you might wonder why bring in a company to clean the carpets? The answer is that cleaning will be done more efficiently. A brief vacuum will get rid of any trash, wrappers, and dirt so the carpet cleaner can concentrate on the more difficult areas. For best results, the first layer of dust or whatever else has accumulated in the carpet needs to be removed.

Vacuuming First Protects The Carpet Cleaning Machinery

The first step of vacuuming the carpet is an important part of the process to make sure your carpets are left in the best condition and your house looks clean and smells great. The hot water extraction equipment used to clean carpeting is powerful machinery intended to deposit and remove water from residential and commercial carpets. Dealing with bits of hair, dirt, or trash are not part of how the machinery was intended to operate and can damage the equipment.

Again, if the customer if unable to vacuum the carpet before the cleaning service arrives, it will be added by the company as part of the service.

Is It Safe To Let The Carpet Cleaner Vacuum My Floors?

Some home owners worry that a moving vacuum can carry bacteria, insects, germs, and urine deposits with it from one location to another. Few houses are as clean as yours, and using a commercial vacuum cleaner could introduce unwelcome bacteria or germs from another household into yours. Some people feel more secure vacuuming their carpets themselves first before contacting a carpet cleaning service to prevent this from happening.

However, trustworthy carpet cleaning businesses take proper care of their equipment and tools to get rid of any bacteria, fleas, or other pathogens that might go into other people’s homes. Find best, most reputable carpet cleaning service in your area if you don’t have time to vacuum your carpet before the cleaning service crew arrives. Optimal results come from having your carpet professionally cleaned rather than cleaning it yourself. They have extensive knowledge in carpet cleaning in addition to using the best cleaning supplies and machinery.

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Before deep cleaning, vacuum your carpet

Get rid of any loose dirt and debris that could get in the way of the cleaning procedure. The beauty and indoor air quality of your home are both enhanced when you clean your carpet properly, and your carpet is also protected from harm. Review the instructions on what to do before the cleaning company shows up, and if you aren’t able to complete any of the tasks mentioned make sure to contact the company and let them know what to expect.

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