How to Maintain Tile Floors in Your Home

Home Care

To keep your tile floors looking bright and clean, it is essential to maintain floors through regular cleaning. To prevent dirt buildup, staining, and abrasions, manufacturers recommend sweeping your tile floors at least once a week! We also recommend regularly damp mopping tile and grout lines with a neutral cleaner. Glazed and unglazed tile require different types of cleaning solution, so make sure that you choose the tile cleaner recommended by the manufacturer of your materials. Always rinse after mopping and avoid using harsh chemicals like bleach and ammonia. Although home floor care is necessary to maintain long-lasting shine, only a professional tile and tile grout cleaner can give your flooring the care it deserves.

GM Tile Cleaning Service

As Ocean and Monmouth County’s premier carpet and tile cleaning expert, GM Carpet Care is eager to help whenever you need professional tile cleaning. Our certified, expertly trained technicians will use specialized formulas of cleaning solutions as well as powerful suction equipment to blast away dirt and grime from your tile and grout lines. Our tried-and-true solutions will deep clean tile floor and leave it sanitized, sparkling, and good as new!

GM Sealant Treatment

After your professional floor cleaning is complete, you should discuss application of sealant with your GM technician. While not all grout is suited for sealant application, GM’s clear sealant can be an excellent option for many types of grout and tile. A layer of our sealant will help to maintain tile floors by creating a protective barrier that guards against spills and permanent stains. At GM, we are passionate about our professional floor cleaning services, and we are excited to assist you with our trademark Credibility Through Knowledge!