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Benefits of Carpet Stretching In Your Toms River Home

Carpet is one of the most important features of your house. It keeps the floor warm and comfortable. Additionally, your carpet improves the quality of indoor air as well as provides a slip resistant layer. Overall, carpet in good condition will make your house look more stylish and homely.

But just like any other household item, your carpet requires regular maintenance and care to keep it in tip-top condition. Carpet stretching is an alternative to replacing too soon. It is the process of removing wrinkles, bumps and bubbles that form on the surface of a carpet. 

Carpets are textile materials that have a tendency to relax over time, stretching can be an alternative to early replacement. Fortunately, when stretched properly with the appropriate equipment and a skilled carpet re-stretching professional, the stretching can last for years. Even if you do see rolls and decide to stretch your carpet rather than replace it, it should never be stretched more than once. If you see rolls again, it’s time to replace the carpeting.

Increased Safety

Carpet stretching, ripples and bumps in the carpet pose a safety threat. Falls are a leading cause of unintentional injury among adults age 65 years and older. Annually, an estimated 37,991 adults aged 65 years or older were treated for falls associated with carpets and rugs; three quarters of these falls occur at home. Damaged carpets with curled edges and uneven surfaces are recognized environmental hazards that may contribute to falls. Children, the elderly, and anyone living in the home could face serious injury from tripping on the uneven carpet. Regular carpet stretching is a great way to maintain a safe environment for all members of your household.

Greater Lifespan

While carpet has changed over the years, today, its lifespan is usually 5 to 15 years. The length of time that a specific carpet lasts depends on: the type of carpet, carpet cushion, carpet fibers, typical use. Normal wear and tear on your carpet is expected. 

However, carpet that is not properly installed is likely to wear unevenly and move over time, leading many people to decide to replace the carpet sooner than you expected. Carpet stretching smooths the wrinkles out of the carpet and prevents soil and dust from settling in the uneven areas, which slows its deterioration. Skilled carpet technicians can also re-attach the carpet to the tack strip where needed to ensure it is properly fastened along the edges.

Enhances the Visual Appeal of Your Home 

The sight of wrinkles and lumps on carpets reduces the beauty and aesthetic value of your home. Having your carpet stretched adds to your home’s appeal, and gives it a tidy and well-maintained look.  A well-stretched carpet that is smoothly contoured to the floor will enhance the beauty of your home décor and add to your home’s appeal.

A clean carpet also exudes warmth and charm to make your home comfortable and relaxing.

How Is It Done?

By applying multi-directional tension,  the carpet is forced to straighten and smooth out. Today, this process has been highly mechanized and GM Services technicians utilize power stretchers and a pole system. Basically, a power stretcher features specialized claws which dig into the latex padding of the carpet to exert an estimated force of 674 pounds. With the latex backing stretched to near limit, the carpet sits correctly with a perfect fit free from wrinkles and kinks. Afterwards, the edges are carefully trimmed down to achieve the perfect carpet size for your room. 

Without regular maintenance and care, it is not possible to keep a carpet in good condition. When a carpet is smooth and wrinkle free, it becomes much easier to clean. When a carpet is loose, the use of vacuums and steam cleaners will exert more wear and tear on the loose fabric.

For Carpet Repair In Tom’s River

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