Area Rug Cleaning – Why Choose Us?

Over the years we have seen many of our customers have steadily been getting away from carpeted floors. As a result, hard surface floors such as wood and vinyl have gotten more and more popular. The trade off to switching to hard surface floors becomes that is no place for the dirt, dust, and hair to hide in your carpet.

No one wants to see dust mites and hair rolling around on the floor. If you have pets in your home, then the visibility of dust and hair will increase for your Ocean county and Monmouth county home.

Besides sweeping the floor multiple times a day, a possible solution to keeping your floors looking clean and enjoying beautiful hard surface flooring is is to add an area rug in your home.

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Different Types of Area Rugs Require Different Care

Area rugs, just like regular wall to wall carpet, need to be cleaned regularly. Similarly, they also need special area rug cleaning practices. Lots of high-end area rugs are made from special fibers and construction.

Wool Area Rugs

A quite common fiber for area rugs is wool and it provides a lot of good characteristics as far as area rugs go. Wool rugs provide soft feel, elegant colors, and are even to some degree fire resistant due to wools natural self-extinguishing abilities. Just like most things these good qualities come with a tradeoff. Wool is heavy and it can hold 30% of its weight in moisture vapor without even feeling damp. Wool is a natural fiber which also means it absorbs colors much easier than some other fibers but also means it can let those colors go easily too.

We Are Trusted and Certified

Knowing how area rugs are constructed, what fibers they are, and how they react is what makes us so efficient at cleaning them. We have educated our team with the help of the IICRC to become certified in area rug cleaning. With new procedures and cleaning techniques and training from some of the largest rug washing facilities in the country, we have the knowledge, resources, and equipment to handle your delicate. With the knowledge and training our staff has we can even offer repair work on your area rugs.

Specialized Equipment and Facility in Ocean County, NJ

We have an over 1000 square foot area rug washing facility in Toms River, that allows us to have complete control over your goods so we can give the proper attention they need. We have a 12 foot by 16-foot rug washing table. This table allows us to wash and sometimes even flood the rugs if they have been saturated with urine from our tiny fury friends. Your rug doesn’t need to get put out to the curb pet odor removal is your concern. GM Carpet Care can save it!

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We use all wool safe products to stabilize the colors, and thoroughly remove the contaminants that do not belong. After washing, the water is removed with a multi-step process including squeegee, compression, and extraction of the rugs. We then secure it to our drying rack, and it is left inside our climate-controlled warehouse under extreme air flow, elevated temperature, and dehumidification to completely dry the rugs in very little time. We will even roll up and wrap you are your rugs for transport to protect them as we return them to your home. For more information regarding area rugs, as well as our convenient pick up and delivery services, call us now.

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