Carpet Cleaning Methods and Hot Water Extraction, Explained

Steam cleaning, carpet shampoo, and deep cleaning are just some of the term’s customers use when talking to us over the phone when they want their carpets cleaned professionally. Did you know that there is a difference? Did you know not every cleaning method is created equally? A term that is rarely used by homeowners here in Ocean County and Monmouth County New Jersey when it comes to cleaning carpets is Hot Water Extraction.

in this article we will explain the different carpet cleaning methods and describe hot water extraction carpet cleaning. This will clarify the difference between the services so you know what to ask for and what you will receive when you call GM Carpet Care.

There are 5 different methods for carpet cleaning in your residential home, and although they are effective in their own ways, we want to determine which way is best for you. What term gives the best understanding for your cleaning needs?

hot water extraction carpet cleaning nj

To understand the best terms that we use and want you the homeowners and business owners to understand you must know the difference between them.

5 different methods for cleaning carpets

People usually refer to hot water extraction as steam cleaning their carpets. This usually the most preferred, most known, and most understood method.

Carpet shampooing is the next most common request. Many clients ask for shampooing of their carpets when they really mean or need hot water extraction.

The other methods of cleaning carpets professionally are Absorbent Pad or Bonnet cleaning, Encapsulation, and Absorbent Compound.

Each of these different methods or styles, are effective in their own way but regardless of the method there are 5 principals that should be followed according to the IICRC who sets the standard.

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Important steps for cleaning carpets

Regardless of the method chosen to clean the carpets in your home, the steps must include:

  1. Dry soil removal (thorough vacuuming)
  2. Soil Suspension (separation of the soil from the fiber by pretreating the carpet)
  3. Soil Extraction (through whatever method of cleaning chosen by the customer or the carpet cleaning company, the soil must be removed)
  4. Nap Setting (grooming of the fiber for amply drying and to remove cleaning marks)
  5. Drying (proper airflow and temperature are needed to dry carpets)

What Is Hot Water Extraction?

The hot water extraction carpet cleaning process is rather simple. High water pressure that is super-heated is driven through a pressure line and released through the carpet cleaning wand. The hot water is then injected into the carpet blasting the soils and soaps off the fiber which then holds them suspended in the solution.

The carpet cleaning wand is also attached to a large suction hose that lifts the suspended soils and water back up and out of the carpet. This method can be done either through a portable, contained cleaning machine unit which is brought into the home or business, or the hoses are ran from a truck mounted cleaning machine system.

Hot Water Extraction Is The Best Carpet Cleaning Method For Most Residential Homes

Hot water extraction is the preferred method of choice by GM Carpet Care for most homeowners when it comes to cleaning carpets. We believe it to bring the strongest attributes to all five of those important steps and cleaning principals, mentioned above.

The heat that is produced by our truck mounted hot water extraction system is the appropriate temperature to dislodge dirt and soil from carpet fibers. The suction power that is derived from our powerful commercial carpet cleaning equipment removes so much water and soil, you can literally watch the carpet getting picked up by it.

Combined with the heat and suction, the physical pushing and pulling of the carpet cleaning wand drives significant energy and agitation through the carpet fibers.

How GM Carpet Care Improves Hot Water Extraction Results Even More

At GM Carpet Care, we have combined these efforts with an additional step of pretreating your carpets. So much more than steam cleaning alone, we use a mechanical agitation device combined with eco friendly pH correcting pre-spray and enzyme cleaners. These cleaning products and cleaning process combined with extremely high temperatures of the warm water allow for great soil suspension and allow us to get the most impressive outcomes for our Monmouth County and Ocean County, NJ carpet cleaning customers.

The pre-treating and agitation part of the process is performed prior to our hot water extraction cleaning where the product and soil are removed from your home completely and you are left with a deep clean that only an experienced and well equipped professional carpet cleaning company like ours can deliver. When all these efforts are combined properly you can literally watch like magic before your eyes as your carpet turns from dirty to clean.

carpet cleaning nj hot water extraction

hot water extraction vs steam cleaning

This carpet cleaning method goes even further by providing a deep cleaning and rinsing of your carpet all the way down to the base of the yarn. It also provides extremely high temperatures and strong extraction of soils in the carpet. We have seen some carpet cleaning companies that do not provide all 5 steps when using a hot water extraction machine, and this is not a proper cleaning that you should receive.

Hot water extraction carpet cleaner is the safest of all the carpet cleaning methods for residential homeowners, when the hot water extraction method is done properly there is no sticky detergent residue and dry time should be relatively shorter than the steam carpet cleaning method.

Final Thoughts

The heat, the suction power, the agitation, the water pressure, these are just some of the reasons for why hot water extraction may be the best type of carpet cleaning method for your home. We believe that the right combination of the strongest equipment, the right knowledge, and years of experience is why we are so great at what we do, and why we have been in business for over 40 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best way to dry carpet after hot water extraction?

A: The best way to dry your carpet after hot water extraction is to open up all the windows and doors in your home and turn on all the fans. You should also avoid walking on the carpet as much as possible. If you have to walk on the carpet, make sure you are wearing clean socks or shoes.

Q: Can hot water extraction damage my carpet?

A: If done improperly, hot water extraction can damage your carpet. This is why it is important to hire a professional carpet cleaning company that has experience with this method. GM Carpet Care has been cleaning carpets for over 40 years and we have the experience and knowledge to get the job done right, without damaging your carpet.

Q: How long does it take for hot water extraction to dry?

A: The drying time for hot water extraction will depend on a number of factors, including the type of carpet you have, the temperature and humidity in your home, and how well-ventilated your home is. Generally speaking, it will take around 12 hours for the carpet to completely dry.

Q: What are the benefits of hot water extraction?

A: The benefits of hot water extraction include a deep clean that removes all the dirt, dust, and stains from your carpet. It also leaves your carpet feeling soft and looking like new.

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