Our Residential Carpet Cleaning Process

When residential carpets in Ocean County and Monmouth County, New Jersey need freshening up, there is a limit to how much homeowners can do on their own. While home remedies and store-bought carpet cleaners might get rid of stains, a thorough deep carpet cleaning is a job for the experts.

Only professional-grade carpet cleaning equipment is able to reach deep into carpet fibers to extract dirt, eliminate odor, and refresh carpet color and brightness. When a carpet cleaning specialist like GM Carpet Care, based in Toms River, New Jersey arrives at your home, you can expect a cleaning service that will restore your carpeting to a like-new freshness and glow.

The Process

Upon arrival, GM Carpet Care technicians will move heavy furniture out of the way using furniture cards and foam blocks.

Next, carpet cleaning specialists will spot and pre-treat any stains as well as spray heavily soiled traffic areas.

Finally, deep cleaning commences with professional carpet cleaning equipment. Our Jersey Shore residential carpet cleaning process uses a truck-mounted unit providing hot water extraction cleaning. Two hoses run from the unit on our GM truck into your home, carrying extremely high-pressure hot water mixed with a pretreatment solution. Instead of bringing bulky, unmanageable equipment into your house, our two hoses with attached cleaning wands get the job done quickly and efficiently. 

How It Works

GM’s professional cleaning services utilize high pressure, hot temperatures, specialized solutions, and expert processes to extract soil from deep within carpet fibers.

Instead of providing a surface-level clean, our carpet cleaning machines use very high pressure, hot water, and vacuum power to blast away oil, dirt, grease, and stains. In addition, our treatment solution and methods will eradicate harmful germs and bacteria that have long been lurking in your carpet fibers.

Although deeper odor extraction is offered as an additional service, odor elimination will also occur as a result of these high-powered carpet and rug cleaning services.

Finally, as your local Toms River, New Jersey carpet cleaners, we will ensure the long-lasting freshness of your home through our recommended 3M Scotchgard protection treatment, which blocks stains and prevents dirt buildup. With GM Carpet Care’s credibility and experience, your home will reclaim the beautiful carpeting it deserves!