How Restretching Can Improve the Look and Feel of Your Carpet

Carpets can bring warmth and comfort to any New Jersey home, but over time they can start to look worse for wear. This often happens with typical carpet installation in our area of Ocean and Monmouth County, New Jersey. From everyday wear and tear to pet damage or spills, carpets often need some TLC.

Overcome the effects of poor installation with one of the most effective ways to restore your flooring – carpet restretching.

As the only local certified carpet inspectors we know the best way to restretch carpets to achieve lasting, drum-tight results, ever time. This simple process can make a big difference in both the appearance and feel of your carpet and will help it last longer too! Read on for more information about how stretching carpet can improve its looks and increase its lifespan.

What Is Carpet Restretching?

Carpet restretching is a process that involves re-stretching and tightening loose carpet fibers, creating a more even and professional appearance. As carpets age and accumulate foot traffic, they may begin to sag and form unsightly wrinkles and bulges. These uneven surfaces not only look unappealing but also pose tripping hazards to residents and visitors.

Carpet restretching eliminates these problems and restores carpets to their original form. As a Toms River, New Jersey carpet cleaning company for over 40 years, we provide the most effective professional carpet restretching services in Monmouth and Ocean County, New Jersey. We use industry-approved stretching techniques and we are the only local company who uses a carpet power stretcher. This specialized tool is how we get carpeting drum-tight, giving homeowners long lasting results and peace of mind that their carpets are restored to their best condition.

Ways Your Improperly Installed Carpet Can Be Damaged Daily

Dirt and Soil

The most common reason for carpet damage is dirt and soil. Small debris can end up in the threads of your carpet and remain there over time. It may seem harmless, but it can cause a great deal of damage to your carpet fibers over an extended period. The fibers will begin to break down, leading to wear and matting of the carpet’s surface. To avoid this, vacuum your carpet two to three times a week.


Your furniture is another culprit of carpet damage. When heavy furniture is moved or dragged across the floor, it causes tears, rips, and stains on your carpet. To prevent this from occurring, use a carpet pad under each of the legs on your furniture to avoid friction with the carpet. This simple step can help prevent the carpet from tearing apart.

When carpet is stretched with a power stretcher like ours, you can drag heavy furniture across it every day and never get wrinkles or bumps in your carpet. Knee kickers will never provide the foundational support that a power stretcher is capable of.

Food and Drink Spills

Spilling food and drinks on your carpet should be avoided at all costs. If not cleaned immediately, the spills can penetrate the fibers’ surface and create permanent stains. To avoid this, clean up any spills immediately with a dry cloth or paper towel. For tougher stains, seek GM Carpet Care’s professional carpet stain removal and carpet cleaning services. We work with clients all around the Toms River area In Monmouth and Ocean County, NJ.

Sun Damage

You may not be aware of sunlight’s harmful effect on your carpet. The UV rays can cause carpets to fade in color and weaken the fibers over time, leading to serious carpet damage. To prevent this, install drapes or blinds to limit the amount of sunlight entering your room. It is also advisable to use UV filters for your window tint.

High Traffic Areas

Areas with high foot traffic, such as hallways and entryways, tend to show the most carpet damage. The carpet begins to wear out due to the constant pressure and friction of our feet. The best way to avoid high-traffic areas from damage is by switching up home décor to avoid showing signs of continuous wear and damage on your carpet.

Benefits Of Hiring A Pro

Having to stretch carpet is one of those maintenance tasks that homeowners don’t think about until it’s already become an eye sore. Unfortunately, when your carpet gets stretched out, the wrinkles and bumps it causes don’t just look unsightly, they’re also a safety hazard. Luckily, hiring a professional to handle the job can help you avoid these problems altogether. Professionals have the expertise and specialized equipment that allow them to remove wrinkles without damaging your carpet.

Not only does this add to the longevity of the carpet, but the process can also improve its overall appearance. Plus, by hiring a pro to do the work, you save yourself valuable time and energy that you can put towards other essential tasks.

The cost of hiring a New Jersey professional carpet restretching service is minimal compared to the potential damage you risk when you put it off. Investing in a professional will ensure that your carpet is safe, looks great, and that you’re completely satisfied with the results.

Signs That Your Carpet Needs Restretching

Wrinkles and Ripples

If you notice wrinkles and ripples in your carpet, it is a sign that your carpet needs restretching. This can happen due to heavy furniture or constant foot traffic. Wrinkles and ripples can create uneven surfaces, making it challenging to walk or run across the carpet without tripping.

Bulges and Buckles

Bulges and buckles are another sign that your carpet needs restretching. They occur when the carpet comes away from the tack strip or when the carpet fibers begin to loosen. While this issue is more common in older carpets, it can also occur in newer carpets that are not installed correctly.

Unevenness in High-Traffic Areas

Carpet that was installed with a knee kicker instead of a power stretcher can become uneven in high-traffic areas such as hallways and doorways. This happens when the carpet fibers become compressed due to the constant foot traffic, causing an uneven surface. If you notice that the carpet in high-traffic areas is not level, it may be time to consider restretching.

Gaps Between Carpet and Baseboards

If you notice gaps between the carpet and the baseboard, it is a sign that the carpet needs restretching. This can happen if the carpet was not installed correctly or if there was a problem with the carpet tack strips. Gaps can also lead to further damage if left untreated, such as water damage or insect infestation.

Rippling After Cleaning

If you notice rippling in your excess carpet after cleaning, it is a sign that your carpet needs restretching. This can happen when the carpet becomes saturated during the cleaning process, causing the carpet fibers to expand. Restretching will help to eliminate the ripples and restore the carpet to its former glory.

What Tools Are Used To Restretch Carpet

When it comes to carpet stretching tools, there is only one tool that is essential for professionals use to get the job done right. This is a power carpet stretcher. The power stretcher is essential for achieving a tight and even stretch across the entire carpet and carpet backing.

Using a knee kicker may be sufficient to keep a carpet in good condition for up to a year, which is also the length of time most local installers will guarantee their work. A couple of years later, bumps and ripples will start to appear.

A curved carpet cutter or sharp utility knife is necessary for trimming excess carpet and ensuring a clean finish, and the carpet tucker is used to tuck the carpet edges neatly into the baseboards. These tools may seem simple, but when used properly they can make all the difference in achieving a smooth and long-lasting carpet refit.

Carpet restretching in Toms River, NJ

Final Thoughts About Carpet Restretching

Proper maintenance of your wall-to-wall carpeting is essential to ensure they last long and look great. Carpet restretching is an effective solution for rips, wrinkles, and tears caused by furniture or foot traffic on poorly installed carpeting. This process involves stretching the carpet from one wall to the opposite wall using a carpet power stretcher.

Hiring a professional will help you avoid any potential damage while also ensuring that the job is done correctly. The cost of hiring a pro may seem expensive but it pales in comparison to the costs associated with repairing damaged carpeting or replacing them altogether. Investing in carpet stretching services will make your home safer and improve your carpets’ appearance.

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