How to Remove Upholstery Stains

Getting rid of stubborn stains on your upholstery is a stressful but unavoidable part of being a homeowner. No matter how much we try to prevent it, accidents happen. When you notice a spill on your nice furniture, upholstery cleaning will help you to maintain your furniture’s fresh appearance, smell, and texture.

Home Treatment Options

No matter what material stains your furniture, timely treatment is key to preventing lasting damage. As soon as you notice a spill, or a pet urine stain or pet odors coming from your furniture, check the manufacturer’s tag attached to your piece of upholstery to learn how to proceed. For dried stains, vacuuming is an efficient way to clear the space and get rid of crumbs or flakes before a wet cleaning treatment. Then, apply recommended water or vinegar solution to the stain to try to lift it out of the fabric (check tags for fabric-specific cleaning options). 

For more stubborn stains, the dabbing process may need to be repeated several times. When you’re not sure which carpet and upholstery cleaner to use — or the spot just won’t come out­ — it’s time to call in the professional cleaning services of GM Carpet Care. If you call our GM experts, we will be able to advise on home remedies or help you schedule an appointment with our technicians.

Carpet Cleaning Methods and Hot Water Extraction, Explained

Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services

As the best upholstery cleaner in Monmouth and Ocean Counties, GM has 40 years of experience perfecting our tried-and-true deep cleaning methods for hundreds of different fibers and textures. Difficult stains require extra special care and attention from an expert upholstery cleaning service like ours. We offer Hand, Sponge, Bonnet, Shampoo, Portable, and Truck-Mounted Hot Water Extraction, and we shampoo and pretreat soiled areas to ensure thorough stain removal. For severe cases, we can even provide intensive pet stain remover and furniture odor removal.

GM Carpet Care provides the professional deep cleaning services you need to remove stains from beautiful upholstery. Schedule your appointment today for GM’s certified Credibility Through Knowledge!

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