Can Carpet Repair Services Extend Carpet Life?

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Sometimes your home just looks tired and worn. The cost to replace old flooring and install new carpet depends on: size of the house, your location, the type of carpeting, padding, labor costs. For an average home the price can be from about $8k to more than $25k. Luckily, homeowners in Toms River have some options to extend the carpet lifespan. 

Truck mounted units providing hot water extraction cleaning is the best place to start caring for your home carpets. GM Carpet Care run hoses into the house with a cleaning wand. No bulky or large equipment will have to maneuver into your home. Using very hot water under high pressure, they blast away the dirt and soils. Steam also kills bacteria and germs, providing a healthy home and carpet for you to walk on. 

However, even with regular professional cleaning, sometimes carpets need even more maintenance. GM Carpet Care delivers services throughout Ocean County and Monmouth County including Brick and Toms River, New Jersey to clean and repair damage in a few categories:

  • holes in carpet
  • rips or tears in carpet
  • carpet fading & color repair
  • carpet rippling or bunching  
  • carpet burns
  • carpet transitions between a carpet and a tile or wood floor

Patching a Worn Spot

Burns, permanent stains and holes have a solution. Often, the professionals at GM Carpet Care can repair a carpet with carpet patches or inserts. This job is always made easier by finding old remnants or pieces left after the initial carpet installation. If you thought ahead and kept a remnant, it would be hard to tell if the carpet was replaced or repaired. If by chance you don’t have a remnant, it is possible to trim the carpet from the back of a closet or underneath a large piece of furniture which will not be moved in the future and do the repair.

The team will use the best material they find and cut the patches with a professional carpet knife to ensure that it makes a clear outline. After the outline is traced and cut the remnant piece can be fit in the damaged area and installed with the proper adhesive to complete the process.

Simple details like the direction of the carpet nap on both the repair pieces and the room’s carpet will be perfectly aligned. The special tape will be cut to length and applied to the back of the existing carpet. Trimming the fibers to match will be the final step in ensuring uniformity.

Stretching Out the Wrinkles

Carpet wrinkles, ripples and lumps can form over time. Not only are carpet wrinkles unsightly, but can be a dangerous tripping hazard. Common causes can include improper Installation, low quality carpet or padding, or even humidity and temperature. GM Carpet Care has all the expertise and equipment including power stretchers to install your carpets properly and extend the beautiful useful life of your investment.

Tidying Up Transitions

If your carpet is coming up between doorways or where it meets hardwood flooring, GM Carpet Care can fix that too. Thresholds suffer from wear and tear and this area becomes frayed and thinned. These carpet services can improve the look and prolong the life of your flooring.

brick nj carpet repair toms river

For Carpet Repair Services In Tom’s River

In Toms River, GM Carpet Care is known for carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, vent cleaning, allergy relief services, flood services, and hardwood floor cleaning. They are also the team for carpet repairs. One call will dispatch a technician to decide what can be done with a free written estimate. 

Ocean County’s largest, most experienced residential carpet care company, GM Carpet Care has been carpet cleaning in Toms River and Brick, New Jersey for over 40 years. For help with specialized services like carpet stretching,  upholstery cleaning, pressure washing, or pet odor removal, call the Toms River experts.

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