Carpet Maintenance Tips

To keep your carpets soft, fresh, healthy, and clean, regular home maintenance is essential. Carpet and rug cleaning doesn’t have to be time-intensive, however; with these easy regular cleaning and maintenance tips, your carpeting will last for years!

Regular Vacuuming Saves Carpets

Vacuuming regularly is one of the most important aspects of home carpet and rug care. Without regular vacuuming, dirt and oils sink deeper and deeper into carpet fibers, and layers of grime compound over time. In addition to accumulating dirt layers, irregularly vacuumed carpets look duller because tiny, sharp dirt particles can actually grind into carpet fibers themselves, wearing them down and creating microscopic tears and damages.

Dirty carpets not only look duller- they actually are duller! If you vacuum your carpets at least once a week, your carpets will look healthier and brighter. For high traffic areas, some experts even recommend vacuuming twice a week! Before your vacuuming routine, make sure you’re getting the most out of your chores by checking the vacuum bag (it should always be half full or less) and clean all filters (many vacuums have 3 or more).

Finally, for stubborn pet hairs and other tricky microparticles, using a lint roller over difficult carpet areas can be a lifesaver.

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Stains and Spills Need Immediate Treatment

Let’s face it- no one’s perfect, and spills are inevitable carpet casualties. Whether it’s simple dirt, carpet pet odor or the dreaded red wine stain, immediate clean-up of spills is essential to preserving your carpet. As soon as you spot a stain, apply a 50/50 water vinegar solution with a mist sprayer to the affected area and try to lift the stain out of the fibers. Remember, for wet stains, always dab- never rub aggressively! Dabbing prevents the stain from sinking even deeper into the fibers. Call GM Carpet Care for interim pet odor and stain removal guidance.

Carpet Cleaning Methods and Hot Water Extraction, Explained

Professional Carpet Cleaning is a Must

Even if you maintain immaculate carpets as a homeowner, hiring a carpet cleaning specialist is necessary for a high-quality, lasting deep carpet cleaning. GM Carpet Care provides truck mounted hot water extraction with a pretreatment to blast the dirt, sanitize fibers, freshen and brighten residential carpeting. Our specialized carpet cleaning equipment will restore and rejuvenate your carpets to a good-as-new condition. When you use GM’s professional carpet care, you can be sure you’re using the best carpet cleaning company in the area.  If you maintain your carpets by vacuuming and caring for spills and damages, we can do our part by giving you top-notch affordable carpet cleaning with Credibility through Knowledge!

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