Carpet Cleaning Lacey

Lacey, NJ Carpet, Area Rug and Upholstery Cleaning

Lacey Carpet Cleaning is a service provided by GM Carpet Care who specializes in carpet, area rug and upholstery cleaning services in Lacey since 1978. We pride ourselves on doing a through professional cleaning for each of our customers, both residential and commercial. Think you have a stain that’s impossible to remove from your carpet? Call us to remove stains, spots and dirt so that your items will be renewed and look like new!  

We only work with proven and non-toxic cleaning products and method, so we can give you a truly healthy cleaning experience.

Freshen Up your Living Spaces

Our carpet cleaning services bring your carpet, area rugs and upholstery back to life, giving it a renewed look, feel and smell. With vibrant color and no more stains and spots, your living spaces will be refreshed. 

Lacey Carpet Cleaning: Completely Renewed Floors

Wall to Wall Freshness 

People love to have carpet installed in their homes to make them feel warm and comfortable. They are fun to hang out on and welcome people to sit and lay on the floor if they feel like it. But since your floor coverings are always underfoot, they don’t always get the attention they need. By the time you begin to see marks and stains, the dirt has already been absorbed and bacteria has made it’s way into the fibers. Invisible, but there.

To keep your carpeting healthy for your family and home, let Carpet Cleaning Lacey return your carpet back to the days when it was installed: fresh, clean, soft  to walk on and a beautiful addition to your home.

We are proud to offer you the reliable and trusted carpet cleaning and restoration solutions in Lacey, NJ.

Our special combination of powerful hot water extraction vacuums and effective cleaning products will rid the carpet of surface dirt and deep-down germs; even difficult stains like coffee and wine won’t be able to stand up to them. We will determine the proper cleaning method for your carpet based on its condition and history.

Deep cleaning services for carpets and upholstery

An additional, important element of our cleaning process is our non-toxic products. They will clean your carpets gently while removing all the ingrained dirt and marks. We ensure that after washing away irritating allergens from the carpet fibers, they are not replaced by harsh chemical residues. 

The products we use leave your carpet as healthy for you and your family as it is beautiful. Your carpets will feel better, look better and keep better. Call us now in Lacey for a free quote that will show you the price for Lacey carpet cleaning you and your family deserve. 

Lacey Area Rug Cleaning: Expert Attention to Details

Area rugs need the special treatment that GM Carpet Care can provide. Carpet Cleaning Lacey will care for your precious rugs, delivering careful attention and specific cleaning methods or restoration. We take into account important details such as origin, age, damages, fabric and more.

We know a beautiful rug is an important part of home décor. Whether it is an expensive Oriental carpet or modern rug design, it is also an investment in preserving your floors. 

When you see marks or wear begin to appear, it is important remember that damage endured by your rug over time can be corrected; stains, discolorations and odors removed. Never discard a beloved rug before talking to us about your options of deep cleaning and even repair.

Saving You Time & Money

We will come to you free of charge and without obligation in order to give you our treatment recommendations and an exact price. Making sure you get the best care for your rugs, we also have a pick up and delivery service throughout all of Lacey, New Jersey.

Our technicians are highly-trained and thoroughly-experienced professionals. We outfit them with the finest equipment available and use only 100%-green cleaning products. 

The cleaning steps will be tailored to your rug’s needs. We will gently hand wash it and use a special process which removes dirt that regular vacuuming can’t reach. For the final special touch, we dry it under climate-controlled conditions and groom the texture back to a soft luxurious feel.

The clean safe enough for your home

All the products we use are non-toxic because we  share your concern for the health and safety of your family, pets and the environment inside your home – and out.

Your rugs are as important to us, and we want yours to remain beautiful. We offer Lacey expert restoration for all types and styles of rugs.  We will make your rug look, feel, and smell better than it has in years. 

Lacey Upholstery Cleaning: Clean & Soft Again

Every Item Gets Special Care

Your home décor is made up of lovely pieces that you chose – whether they were bought from an edgy design store, or purchased on a second-hand store outing. Every piece looks exactly how you want it, and brings balance to your living room design. The rooms are just right – and beautiful.

Home furnishings see a lot of wear and tear, from guests, kids, pets and even just sitting there – dust and dry soil particles collect in the folds, allergens and bacteria lurk in the material. And that is without food spills and stains. Carpet Cleaning Lacey is well aware of all possible cleaning issues, and is ready to help you handle them.

So before dirt and grime become ingrained and start to make your furniture look old and dingy, remember all the invisible things hidden away in the crevices, a professional upholstery cleaning is the right step to take.

In our free, no-obligation estimate, we can give you an exact price and discuss with you how each piece should be treated (steam cleaning, shampoo cleaning or dry cleaning, etc.)

We make your furniture new again

Our teams use only the most advanced hardware and gentle cleaning solutions to treat your furnishings. We are highly knowledgeable about cleaning all materials, even specialty coverings  like leather. (And our excellent leather cleaning is topped off with special conditioning that makes the upholstery shiny and supple, adding more protection.)

We use non-toxic products that safely eliminate dirt and tough stains and remove dust and allergens from the folds. Our professional cleaning method also takes care of insect infestations and prevents future mold and mildew. 

Talk to us about your cleaning needs in Lacey, NJ. 

Lacey Water Damage Repair – Immediate Response

Emergency Service Available

When your home has an urgent need for water damage repair, Carpet Cleaning Lacey is available immediately to come out. Our special tools and methods will prevent further damage and rescue your carpet and upholstery.

Keep Safe – Avoid Sewage Flooding

In these trying situations it’s important to act promptly or the damage to your home can be worsened – but our advice to you (based on past experience) is to call in a professional rather than trying to do it yourself. Working on your own could be dangerous to you and dangerous for your family in the long term, especially when the problem is sewage flooding.

If the issue is sewage waste flooding, keep your family (and yourself) and pets away from the flooding, since it will contain dangerous toxins that if touched or inhaled can make them ill. 

Real Help, Right Away

We bring in machinery that will pump out standing water and deal with any solid waste in the area. Soaked upholstery and walls will be dried and any mold or mildew that has developed will be treated. (In addition, our methods will prevent their spread.)

After we completely remove all the flooding and finalize the clean-up processes, your home will be sanitized and disinfected with non-toxic cleaning solutions to protect the health of your family.

Finally, your carpets, rugs and furnishings are deodorized to leave you with a dry, safe and fresh home.

Our vast experience in water damage restoration, and newest tools and techniques, allows us to perform our job as efficiently as can be, and let you know you are in good hands.

Call Carpet Cleaning Lacey for round-the-clock emergency assistance in Lacey and NJ. 

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