What’s The Best Size Area Rug For A Living Room?

Are you looking for the perfect area rug to complete your living room? You want to make sure the color is right and that you pick a pattern that pleases you, but picking the right size rug for room is an important part successfully designing your space.

Your area rug will fit perfectly in your living space if you consider its measurements, shape and features as well as the furniture layout in the room. So many options available on the market today, it can be difficult to know where to start! This guide will provide helpful tips and advice on how to choose the best size area rug for your living room.

Identify The Size Of Your Living Room

Measuring Your Space 

The first step in measuring your living room is easy—simply use a measuring tape to determine the dimensions of the space.

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As you measure the space, you may draw a graph paper diagram of it. This makes it easier for you to tell visually which rug sizes could be too big to fit comfortably in the space. You could measure out the largest rectangle that would fit inside the room’s walls.

Regardless of the method you use for measurement, that number will give you a general idea of the sizes of area rugs that could fit in the space. You should also think about how your furniture will be arranged, including whether you want items like your couch to be on the rug, around the rug, or somewhere in between.

Also take note of any doorways, fireplaces, or other obstacles that might affect which size rug will fit best in your space. 

how to  choose the perfect size rug for your living room.  

When it comes to choosing the right size rug, we need to think like Goldilocks. You don’t want one too small or too large, you want one that’s  just right. When a rug is too small for a room, it doesn’t feel proportionate to the size and scale of the space, and it actually kind of makes the furniture feel as if it’s floating and like the room actually wasn’t very well thought out. 

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When a rug is too large for an area, tt completely overwhelms the design, the furniture and the space. You don’t want the rug to go all the way up against the wall and into the walkway. In that case, you might as well have just carpeted the room. 

When the rug is just the right size, all the furniture is perfectly framed on the rug. All of the front legs are up on the rug and the rug is a perfect  anchor for your carefully thought-out design.

The other thing we want to consider is the orientation  of the rug. We want the rug to run parallel with the longest wall in the room or with the longest piece of furniture in our space. A well-placed rug in the right size and color can really bring your room together and make it seem well thought out.

What to consider when Choose Your Area Rug Size

When adding a rug to a room in your home, it is important to measure how much area it should cover. Consider the size of the furniture and leave room for foot traffic as well. If you’re dressing up a large room, opt for a larger rug to fill the space and bring cohesion to the entire design. For more intimate rooms with small furniture, small rugs work better.

The biggest mistake when purchasing an area rug is picking a size that is too small for the room. You may like the hard floor surface in the space and worry about covering up too much of it. This is understandable, but the right area rug will highlight the floor’s beauty rather than conceal it.

Furniture Arrangement and Rug Layout

Choosing the right sized rug sometimes depends more on your furniture arrangement than the precise size of the room. Some layouts seem better when the floor is more visible around the room’s perimeter. As a result, we should prioritize furniture placement over room size, especially when putting a rug in a living room, dining room, or bedroom.

When measuring your space, it’s best practice to use painter’s tape to outline a visual representation of the rug size before making your purchase. Doing this prevents buying the wrong size and therefore saving valuable time down the road.

To make the area appear larger and feel more connected, use the shape of your living room along with the furniture layout to determine the size and orientation of the rug. There are three main arrangements:

All furniture legs on the rug:
This layout, which requires the largest rug, is the best choice for anchoring a living room within an open-concept space or for any furniture grouping that floats (has no furniture against a wall). Placing all furniture on the rug will unify the pieces and create a defined seating area.

Just the front legs on the rug:
This versatile option works especially well when one edge of the furniture grouping is against a wall. (You don’t need to pay for a rug to cover a spot no one sees!) For a cohesive look, choose a rug size that allows for only the front legs of every piece of furniture in the grouping to be on the rug.

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All furniture off the rug, except the coffee table:
Perfect for small or narrow spaces, this layout plays off the room’s scale to make it feel larger. To get the proportions right, base the rug size on the interior dimensions of your seating area – and not just the coffee table – so it fills the negative space created by your furniture grouping.

Choose Between Standard Sizes Or Custom-Made Rugs

When decorating your home, selecting a rug is a big decision as it can truly influence the overall look and feel of a room. A great way to instantly add comfort and character to an interior is by choosing the right sized area rug for the space.

When shopping for an area rug, they will typically be available from the manufacturer in a few common sizes. When searching for rugs, be careful to look at the sizes offered to make sure the rug you want comes in the size you need.

Standard Rug Sizes:

  • 3’x5′
  • 5’x8′
  • 8’x10′
  • 9’x12′
  • 12’x15′

The advantage of opting for standard sizes lies in their affordability and convenience; they are widely available and easy to install without requiring any trimmings or alterations. However, if you want to take your home décor up a notch, opt for custom-made carpets. They offer unlimited design possibilities so you can coordinate them with the rest of your room’s elements perfectly.

Maintain Your Area Rug With Professional Rug Cleaning Services

Hiring a professional area rug cleaning service like GM Carpet Care can provide many benefits for maintaining your living room rug. GM Carpet Care provides area rug cleaning serves to the entire Jersey Shore area from Sandy Hook all the way down to Cape May, New Jersey. Here are a few professional area rug cleaning benefits:

Improved air quality:
A professionally cleaned rug can remove dirt, dust, and allergens that can accumulate over time, improving the air quality in your home.

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Extended rug life:
Regular cleaning can help extend the life of your rug by removing dirt and debris that can cause wear and tear.

Enhanced appearance:
A professional cleaning can restore the color and vibrancy of your rug, making it look like new again.

Specialized cleaning methods:
Professional rug cleaners have the expertise and equipment to effectively clean a wide range of materials and fibers, including silk, wool, and synthetic rugs.

Protection against stains and spills:
Professional cleaners can also provide treatments like Scotchgard protection to seal your rug against future spills and stains.

Maintaining your living room area rug by hiring a professional area rug cleaning service, can protect your investment, improve the air quality in your home, and extend the life of your rug.

Final Thoughts About Choosing The Right Size Area Rug For Your Living Room

At GM Services, we understand the importance of choosing the perfect-sized rug for your large living room. Our expert team of professionals will help you consider essential factors such as room size, rug size, and furniture layout to ensure both form and function in your space. As a leading restoration business delivering quality upholstery cleaning services in Ocean County, New Jersey, we take pride in assisting customers with selecting and maintaining the ideal area rug for their living room.

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