What Should You Do If Your Rugs Get Wet?

rug cleaning service toms riverEveryone has a strong opinion. Do you prefer the comfort of wall to wall carpet or the drama of area rugs over solid floors? Either design element is fantastic but you need to take care of both solutions. You need to vacuum weekly, repair tears, and clean up any stains.

Rug Cleaning Service In Toms River

A more serious danger to your carpets and rugs is lingering wetness. If moisture isn’t cleaned up quickly, it can destroy your investment. Dyes become smudged; materials can also lose their shape. When really wet, the liquid can actually seep through the fabric to your hard floors. The damage can include stains, mold, mildew, and even rot.

For dampness to damage your rug (and home), the floor doesn’t need to be sopping wet. And when in an area without a lot of foot traffic, it isn’t always obvious when  it is damp. Even when you don’t feel the wellness, you can smell the results! 

A musty odor that lingers even after vacuuming and regular cleaning indicates a mold problem Other signs that there is trapped moisture in your rugs include constant sickness, allergy-like symptoms in family members as well as pets, and discoloration to the area.

Start By Removing Water

First things first, you need to remove as much water as possible from the rug. A shop vac has more suction power compared to a regular vacuum cleaner. However, professional carpet companies have much better equipment for removing moisture than you do.

Let the experts access the fibers and decide the best procedure at your house. If your rug is made of extremely durable synthetic  material, they might use a wet vacuum. More fragile rugs (wool, silk, cotton, etc.) will require more care from more gentle tools. 

Then they will focus on removing lingering humidity from the air. They will maximize existing ceiling fans and windows, but they will bring the “big guns.” Dehumidifiers, industrial fans and air movers will help dry the rug and also help circulate fresh air.

Address The Cause(s) of the Water

Keep working on the floors but don’t just dry the puddle and ignore the reason why it occurred. Fix any leaks, address landscaping drainage problems, replace broken window trim, etc. Get quotes and schedule repair to avoid further damage to the carpet.

Hire Professional Water Damage Restoration Services

Wet rugs are risky. Hire the best resources in town for your carpets; you need professional expertise. If your rug was damaged during a sewage backup, flood, or other water events, then chances are there is more water damage than you think. Restoration professionals work to identify all sources of water damage and to dry out your home or business as best as possible.

Avoid More Problems In The Meantime

Limit traffic during the short wait for the cleanup team to arrive. Walking on a wet, fragile carpet will track in dirt and degrade fibers. Before you begin the process of drying your carpet, grab the things you will need during the process.

Watch Out For Mold

Water can do severe damage to the carpet padding. If the padding underneath is not effectively dried out it can result in mold damage. In extreme cases of water damage such as a flood, it may be near impossible to salvage both the carpet and the padding underneath it, GM Carpet Care is the best resource for advice in this situation. 

Stay safe; GM Carpet Care is dedicated to managing your mold risk. According to the CDC, mold can cause respiratory issues such as coughing, wheezing, a scratchy throat, stuffiness, and skin irritation. It can also cause serious issues with your lungs. The GM team will take precautions to identify and contain mold. 

Trusted Rug Cleaning Care

In Toms River, GM Carpet Care is known for carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, allergy relief services, and flood services. They are also the team for carpet repairs with over 40 years of experience. Count on GM Services to fix your carpets and save your home from additional damage.