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Our Residential Carpet Cleaning Process

When residential carpets need freshening up, there is a limit to how much homeowners can do on their own. While home remedies and store-bought carpet cleaners might get rid of stains, a thorough deep carpet cleaning is a job for the experts. Only professional-grade carpet cleaning equipment is able to reach deep into carpet fibers […]

Carpet Maintenance Tips

To keep your carpets soft, fresh, healthy, and clean, regular home maintenance is essential. Carpet and rug cleaning doesn’t have to be time-intensive, however; with these easy regular cleaning and maintenance tips, your carpeting will last for years! Regular Vacuuming Saves Carpets Vacuuming regularly is one of the most important aspects of home carpet and […]

Why You Need Professional Upholstery Cleaning

When was the last time you got your couch, armchair, or other upholstered furniture items professionally cleaned? High-quality furniture requires high-quality care, and home upholstery cleaning solutions can damage the unique fibers of first-rate furniture. Because there are hundreds of different fibers from which upholstered furniture can be made, only a professional furniture cleaning service […]

Tile and Stone Cleaning

While cleaning all floor surfaces is necessary for a beautiful and healthy home, each floor type entails specialized treatment suitable for its unique materials. Carpet and tile cleaning, for example, require vastly different treatments. Although hard floor surfaces are easier to clean than carpets, tile and stone cleaning can be difficult and time-consuming processes. Dark […]

Professional Cleaning for Area Rugs

Area rugs are beautiful additions to your home’s interior design as well as excellent insulators and sound-deadeners. However, they can be difficult to clean at home without professional carpet-cleaning assistance. The inevitable spills, foot traffic, dust and dirt, odors, and pet accidents that have damaged your oriental rug or area rug diminish its value and […]

How to Reduce and Remove Pet Odor

We love our furry friends, but having pets in the home can be rough on carpets and furniture. From pet stains to tears and scratches, cats and dogs can do a lot of damage to high quality flooring and upholstery. Pet odor is a particularly universal nuisance for dog and cat owners, and one that […]

Who We Are

GM Services is your residential and commercial cleaning service aiding homes and businesses throughout Ocean and Monmouth Counties. Our certified and trained professionals offer carpet cleaning and repair, upholstery cleaning, tile and stone cleaning, as well as water damage repair and odor removal. At GM Services, we pride ourselves on all of our outstanding services, […]