Seaside Carpet Cleaning

Seaside Carpet, Area Rug, and Upholstery Cleaning

GM Carpet Care offers Seaside, NJ Carpet Cleaning services for the people of Seaside Heights , New Jersey for many years now, with expertise, knowledge and professionalism. 

We remove every stain, get rid of all spots and bring your rug, carpet and upholstery back to life. Talk to us about cleaning your furniture and all the floor coverings in your home, office, store or restaurant. 

The carpet cleaning products we use are proven to be able to clean your house effectively without harsh chemicals or toxic fumes. That way both you and your family stay healthy and enjoy a clean house. 

Carpet Cleaning in Seaside Heights Gets Your Home Wall to Wall Clean

We guarantee our work and we are confident in our abilities and commitment to every client. 

Your wall to wall carpet covers your floors, and is an important element in the look and feel of your home. That why it’s important to keep it clean and vacuumed regularly.

Even so, living in your home and walking on your carpets every day will take it’s toll after a while. Soon enough, the carpet will start accumulating a host of dust mites, bacteria and other allergens that pose a threat to your health. Vacuuming only gets some of the dirt, but much of it still remains inside, attaching itself to the fibers, creating health hazards and a dirty look over time.

In addition to regular housekeeping, you need a professional carpet cleaner once a year, for a comprehensive cleaning routine.

Remove Dirt To Renew Your Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Seaside Heights, NJ offers you top quality, reliable services, to renew your floors, stairs and hallways. Our experts – using our deep cleaning hot water extraction method and updated equipment – remove dirt and hidden particulates, and get your carpets looking as good as new. 

Our technicians go through extensive training and have the best tools to perform the job. Our proven, non-toxic cleaning products ensure we don’t pollute your house while we are cleaning it.

Our standard cleaning process is hot water extraction, which works great for most types of carpet and gets the best results available. In some instances, when working on a old or delicate carpet, we use dry cleaning in order to protect its integrity while cleaning it.

We choose which carpet cleaning method will work best, and apply it in order to renew and refresh your living spaces, as promised.

Carpet Cleaning Methods and Hot Water Extraction, Explained

The best Local experts in area rug cleaning

Many rugs are made by hand and therefore the care that goes into cleaning and restoring them should be just as gentle and meticulous as the care taken when they were made.

We offer Seaside only the best area rug cleaning, repair, and restoration services – including service for your beautiful oriental rugs. Our knowledgeable – and affordable – services are well known by people all over the area. 

Area rug Cleaning expertise that shows

Whether your fine rug is an Oriental, Persian, Chinese, or Native American, our experts are trained to care for them in the best way. Hand made or not, newer rugs or valuable antiques, we know the techniques required to make sure that they get the finest in cleaning and care. 

In our cleaning process, the first step is a detailed inspection of the rug before we so we know its age, accurate state, origin and other elements in order to decide which tools and products would most efficiently serve the rug in front of us.

We combine state-of-the-art, modern cleaning equipment and techniques with proven and trusted products to ensure that your rugs get the finest care available while protecting their natural beauty.

Green cleaning also means that your family and home won’t be exposed to harsh chemicals.

For expert, economical area rug cleaning in Seaside, call us today.

Trusted local upholstery cleaning

Your upholstery, and especially the living room set, is an item that shows your taste while being furniture that you are most comfortable spending time on. If your want to keep these two qualities alive and well, for many years to come, you need to get the right help and a regular (ones a year) professional maintenance. 

We bring only the best economical upholstery cleaning to Seaside, thoroughly removing dirt and tough stains.

Our trained teams use modern equipment to work heated detergent solution deep into your sofa without damaging the fabric or its appearance. 

When the cleaning solution is rinsed off, you’ll see a clean, bright, refreshed sofa. Not only stains and dirt are gone, but allergens and pests will be prevented from invading those crevices again, to help control allergies and battle mold and mildew.

The Right Method To Clean Your Furniture, Every Time

Natural and synthetic upholstery materials have different makeups and needs for treatment. We select cleaning products that are formulated to treat your type of furniture. These cleaning solutions combined with the best state-of-the-art equipment clean and moisturize your furniture safely, while protecting your family, your pets and your home environment from the dangers of harsh chemicals. 

Respond Fast With Water Damage Repair – 24/7 emergency service

When your house floods, you try to get your bearings while minimizing the damage. Quickly assess your situation and determine where the water is coming from. Search for something to stop the flow and look for a way to salvage precious items.

We have seen it so many times, and our advice is always the same one – first call professional water damage emergency services, and only after that should you turn to try to save the rest of your stuff. 

Let us help you with Seaside Water Damage Repair

GM Carpet Care Carpet Cleaning Seaside offers your 24/7 emergency water damage repair and water extraction services. We know the drill, have dealt with hundreds of cases, and can guide you what to do first in order to best manage the situation.

With our high quality and powerful equipment we can extract water fast as possible, dry the room efficiently and get to the actual damage repair before it completely ruins your carpet, rug or upholstery. 

Our process includes a thorough inspection of the premises, to insure that no water is still running in, estimating which items needs immediate care and which can wait and planning a detailed course of action for all of the living spaces that have been infected. 

The most important aspect of our service, for you, is that you don’t have to stand alone in this.

We help you deal with the situation right away, starting with your phone call right up to where your house is completely clean, repaired and restored.

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