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An Expert Clean for your Carpet & Upholstery

Carpets, upholstery and rug cleaning services are essential for commercial and residential homes. The faster you decide to hire skilled professionals, the better chances you have of enjoying long lasting carpets, fine area rugs, upholstery and furniture.

We provide Berkeley, New Jersey Carpet Cleaning and we deliver quality services each and every time. Our professionals are very dedicated and only believe in delivering thorough and proper service. Our services in Berkeley are performed using top of the line tools and equipment that are capable of effectively handling various carpet related issues. We would welcome you to contact us at our nearby Ocean County, NJ facility to have GM Carpet Care come deliver premium cleaning services to your home or business.

Carpet Cleaning Berkeley, NJ

Most people believe that dusting and vacuuming the carpet is enough to thoroughly clean it but it simply isn’t true. Vacuuming only superficially cleans the surface of the carpet and doesn’t clean the dirt, germs and bacteria which are hidden in pores of the fabric.

Therefore you need professional help to give your exquisite carpet the deep clean and restorative effects that they deserve. The professionals who provide Berkeley Carpet Cleaning services at GM Carpet Care are trained with different techniques and methods to clean your carpet thoroughly and restore them to their original appearance. Call our customer care representative in NJ for any queries and we will respond quickly to your inquiry!

Rug Cleaning Berkeley, NJ

Rugs are artistic parts of the interior of your home that make an immediate statement to your friends, family and guests! They pull the room together and contribute to the style and ambiance of each room. To maintain their artesian look and texture it is important that they are cleaned properly with our in-plant or at home area rug cleaning services. You should trust only the experts to handle your rugs because they are a valuable investment.

GM Carpet Care provides Berkeley Carpet Cleaning and we treat your rugs with utmost care and concern. We promise not to simply dunk them into liquid solutions. Our professionals in Berkeley use state of the art equipment and non toxic, effective cleaning solutions at our Ocean County facility to clean surface impurities and make them vibrant and restored. Don’t worry about loading your dirty area rug into your vehicle to transport it to our location. We provide rug pick up and delivery services for your convenience!

Approach us in NJ if you want to save your area rugs and make them look like new!

Upholstery Cleaning Berkeley, NJ

You have made a considerable investment in your upholstered items. But as time passes by, your upholstered furniture starts looking worn out and unclean. Furniture doesn’t have to be disposable! You can save your favorite chairs and couches and enjoy them in excellent condition for many years if you get them cleaned regularly. If you want to keep furniture looking nice, it has to be maintained. Our Berkeley Carpet Cleaning services also include effective upholstery cleaning at affordable prices.

Our skilled professionals in Berkeley use tools and techniques to clean your upholstery by removing abrasive soil, stains and the embedded dirt from deep inside and make your furniture immaculately clean.

Contact our team of experts in NJ and we promise that you will be happy with our results.

Water Damage Repair Berkeley, NJ

Your carpets, rugs, furniture and other household goods can get become badly damaged if exposed to water and other liquids. Water leaks happen to most of us sooner or later. When water gets into your furniture fabrics and carpets it can cause damage to the items, encourage germs and bacteria to grow and even attracting pests and insects. Water damage repair services in Berkeley, NJ will get your household back on track and remove your concerns about the problems wet furniture and carpets can cause.

The quality of your carpets and furniture with degrade quickly if they get wet. Keep them as close to their original condition as possible by getting professional help from our Berkeley Carpet Cleaning Services. Our professionals in Berkeley use proven techniques to solve your problems associated with water damage.

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