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Today’s style of homes are leaning towards Hardwoods and Tile, so there is still a great need of Area Rugs for warmth, sound-deadening and color expression. Area rugs need cleaning as often as wall to wall carpets and your tile floors. Yet there are the inevitable spills, foot traffic, sun damage, and pet accidents. Over time they lose their sparkle and can become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs.

GM Services has developed two (2) different ways of cleaning ALL your natural fiber, handmade Area rugs as well as the synthetic machine-made rugs. You, the customer must decide the value of your area rugs and degree of cleaning your rugs. Please read our sections under “On-location” and “Plant Cleaning”.

Plant cleaning includes Inspection, Removal, Shampoo, Pretreatment, Cleaning, Deodorize, Insecticides (of Natural Fiber Rugs) and a 3M Scotchguard™ application. The rugs are thoroughly dried, rolled in brown paper and returned in about 1 (one) week. This is by far the most thorough cleaning process of any of your home goods!! With many imported rugs valued at thousands of ($) dollars, this is the most thorough care of your investment. It is also excellent for rugs to be stored for periods of time. Needless to say, GM Services carries a Million Dollar Liability Coverage for its’ customers valuables.

On-location includes Inspection, Pretreatment, Cleaning, Pile Raking of the surface fibers of the area rugs. This process has a minimal disturbance of the home routine and full use resumes within a few hours.

  1. We will do a thorough inspection of carpet fiber, construction, padding, soiling, and pre-existing damage.
  2. We will pre-treat all soiled areas in your home (or location of your choice on location).
  3. We do thorough hot water extraction, using gentle environmentally- friendly, cleaning solutions, which are 100% organic.
  4. We can deodorize the rug from a pet or human situations. We HIGHLY recommend a thorough coating of 3M Scothgard to keep and maintain results.
  5. We know drying time will be 3-4 hours but you can walk on your area rugs with WHITE SOCKS only! No shoes, slippers or colored socks!

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