Why Hire A Rug Cleaning Company This Winter?

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Your area rug needs to be cleaned as often as wall to wall carpets and your hard floors. Keeping your rug clean though is no small task. GM Carpet Care has developed our preferred way of cleaning all your natural fiber, handmade area rugs and synthetic machine-made rugs to ensure they are cleaned safely and thoroughly. To extend the life of your rug, and keep it looking its best, we suggest you have our professional cleaning done at least once a year and believe it or not, winter is still a great time of year to get that done. Trying to deep clean rugs on your own can result in damage to fibers and color fading, just to name a few. Instead, you should have trained and experienced technicians clean your rugs professionally.

3 reasons to have your rugs cleaned this winter instead of waiting until spring

Professional Rug Cleaning Will Have Your Home Looking Sharp Through The Holiday Season!

Decorating for the holidays can be a messy job. Boxes of decorations are pulled from the attic or basement and old Christmas tree sap and old needles, bits of tinsel, packing material and sometimes pieces of broken ornaments are spread around as you deck the halls for the season of giving. If you take the time to decorate your home, why not take the extra step to have your rugs cleaned as the finishing touch? Guests will feel most comfortable in a clean space and you’ll be ready to welcome family and friends.

Area Rug Drop off and Pick up and Area Rug Delivery Services Are Preferred and Convenient.

Winter time around the holiday season is so busy for all of us. Why should you have to schedule and make time for a service call and have a company come out to interrupt your day to clean your area rug at your home? The is especially true when performing this kind of cleaning job on site at your home is not even the optimal environment to get your rug as clean as it could be.

Area Rugs Dry Faster At Our Facility Using Special Equipment

When you try to clean your area rugs at home, they can take a longer time to dry because of the humidity level and temperature of the air. Air circulation is limited and unless you hear hoofprints on the new fallen snow you probably aren’t throwing your windows open on a cold winter day. When we clean area rugs at our plant in Toms River, New Jersey, we have equipment to extract almost all of the water after the rug is cleaned. Then we use industrial drying racks for optimal air circulation and commercial fans to dry the rugs out quickly. When rugs take too long to dry, bacteria and mold can develop in moist conditions. This doesn’t happen when rugs are cleaned in our facility.

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When our customers drop their rugs off at our facility, or when we come by to pick them up instead, we use our specialized professional rug cleaning equipment to thoroughly soak, shampoo and dry fine rugs for the best possible results. This level of service and cleanliness simply isn’t possible in your home and any attempt would make a huge mess. The amount of water used to flush the dirt and ground in grime out of area rugs is substantial and the professional equipment we have in our plant provides exceptional results.

After the rug is clean and dry you can come and pick it up or we can deliver it back to you for your convenience.

How To keep your rug looking between professional rug cleanings:

  • Vacuum surface dirt and debris every day, especially if your rug is in a high trafficked area. Daily vacuuming will remove surface layer dirt before it can become embedded into the fibers of your rug. When dirt, dust, and other particles are not removed, they end up pushed down and embedded into the rug, giving your rug a dingy appearance. You can reduce how much debris gets embedded into your rug by vacuuming daily, or at least weekly. For a deeper clean, you will need a rug cleaning company like GM Carpet Care.
  • Remove your shoes when in the house. Shoes bring in so much dirt, bacteria, and other contaminants into our homes. When walking on rugs with shoes on, not only will those contaminants transfer to the rug, but they will also be pushed down into it by the tread on your shoes. To keep your rug clean and limit exposure to bacteria, dirt, and debris, leave shoes at the door. 
  • Clean up spills right away. You want to soak up any liquid that is spilled onto your rug before the fibers absorb it – resulting in stains and discoloration. The key to wiping up spills though is not to scrub but instead to pat. Scrubbing will only push the spill deeper into the rug and can even damage the fibers. Instead, pat the area with a towel and use pressure to absorb the spill into the cloth rather than into the rug.
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Get Your Area Rug Cleaned At Our Plant This Winter Because Your Home Should Be Clean All Year, Not Just When It’s Warm Out

Baby, it’s cold outside, but that doesn’t mean your rug should only be cleaned during the warmest parts of the year. At GM Carpet Care, we offer plant cleaning to best suit the needs of your rug. Our professional cleaning includes inspection, removal, shampoo, pretreatment, cleaning, deodorizing, and Scotchgard to protect your rug from future stains. This method is by far the most thorough cleaning process, and we guarantee you will be protected.

Whenever you need area rug cleaning, GM Carpet Care will provide the best service to fit your rug’s needs. You can rest assured it will be done with great care and attention to detail. We think it’s best to get your rug cleaned when it needs to be cleaned, no matter what time of year it is, so if you want to keep up with a clean home this winter, call GM Carpet Care to schedule your professional cleaning today. 

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