What to Do Before Your Carpet Cleaning Appointment

When you receive your FREE carpet cleaning estimate from GM Carpet Care, our experts will explain every step of the deep cleaning process. Once you’ve scheduled a professional carpet cleaning appointment, you will then receive a confirmation phone call from our representatives one week prior to your appointment, followed by a reminder call one day before in order to review the service details and establish mutual expectations. Before GM Carpet Care arrives at your home, it is important to make sure your house is properly prepared so your local carpet cleaners can get to work. Preparing for your rug restoration includes several simple steps in order to maximize the benefits of your residential carpet cleaning experience.

Firstly, all carpets should undergo minor surface-level cleaning before the appointment. If a spill or stain occurs prior to our visit, the homeowner should treat it immediately with stain remover before it seeps into carpet fibers. The day before the appointment, carpets should be thoroughly vacuumed to remove surface particles from the path of our carpet cleaning equipment. Our specialized deep carpet cleaning process requires pre-vacuuming, but we do offer a professional vacuuming service for an additional fee for customers who are unable to vacuum.

Secondly, customers should clear a path for GM professional carpet cleaning equipment before our crew arrives. At GM Carpet Care, we use truck-mounted hot water extraction: instead of inconveniencing your home with bulky equipment, we simply run two hoses with cleaning wands from our truck into your home. To prepare for truck-mounted deep cleaning, we ask that customers provide a parking place and clear a path for access to the nearest exterior door. If customers need furniture moved, we request that you remove all items from the tops of furniture prior to our arrival, including pillows and blankets. Finally, we ask that you keep all children and pets safe, secure, and removed from the cleaning space for their own safety and the safety of your carpets and carpet cleaning specialists. Once your home is prepared, your carpets are ready to receive the affordable, thorough, and long-lasting cleaning from the best carpet cleaning company in Ocean and Monmouth counties! GM Carpet Care provides Credibility through Knowledge every time!

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