Tile and Stone Cleaning

While cleaning all floor surfaces is necessary for a beautiful and healthy home, each floor type entails specialized treatment suitable for its unique materials. Carpet and tile cleaning, for example, require vastly different treatments. Although hard floor surfaces are easier to clean than carpets, tile and stone cleaning can be difficult and time-consuming processes. Dark stains will linger if tile, marble, or stone floors and countertops are not properly maintained. In addition, grout between tile often accumulates dirt and stains an ugly dark brown, ruining a previously sparkling floor pattern. Tile or stone flooring requires regular home care as well as periodic professional cleaning in order to keep its squeaky-clean shine. 

For home maintenance, regularly sweeping and mopping tile floors is highly recommended to prevent the accumulation of dirt and oils. Home disinfectant solutions and store-bought bathroom tile cleaners can produce encouraging results. However, some soaps and cleaners are caustic enough to damage tile and stone, so you should always test cleaning products on a small portion of material before cleaning. Depending on the floor, homemade cleaning remedies like baking soda and vinegar solutions can even be effective. However, only professional tile cleaning services can produce long-lasting and high-quality results. 

With our GM tile cleaning service, you don’t have to worry about stains and dull, grimy surfaces. GM uses specialized tile cleaner solutions, powerful suction equipment, and a complex tile and grout cleaner to produce unbeatable results. Trying to scrub years of dirt from stained grout lines doesn’t work; only professional grout cleaning can restore your flooring to a like-new condition. Manufacturers recommend getting hard floor surfaces professionally cleaned once a year, but GM tile cleaners can fortify floors for long-lasting results. With GM hard surfaces cleaning, your house’s tile, stone, or marble floors, countertops, or backsplashes will sparkle and shine as brightly as when they were first installed!