Professional Carpet Repair

Has your carpet been damaged by burns, rips, stains, stretching, or other unfortunate circumstances? Accidents happen, but they don’t have to cost you a fortune. Replacing a damaged carpet is not your only option: professional carpet repair can save you time and money! Whether your carpet has been through cat scratches, cigarette burns, or delamination, we provide affordable carpet care for any situation. GM Carpet Care technicians are carpet repair experts, and we can restore your carpeting and rugs to their intended glory.

At GM, our professional carpet care technicians are experienced with a wide variety of issues: if you have it, we’ve probably seen it before! Sometimes, carpet is not properly stretched or installed, which leads to breakdown of the fibers and seams. Other times, carpets get damaged, ripped, or stained by years of everyday wear-and-tear. Common carpet issues include burns, rips, delamination, rippled or loose carpeting, open seams, stretching, and stubborn stains. Regardless of the cause, GM technicians will restore your carpet to perfection with tried-and-true rug restoration techniques. We can reinstall old carpets or replace damaged sections. We even do pet damage carpet repair for owners of adorable (but destructive) furry friends!

GM Carpet Care is your one-stop shop for all things carpet and flooring. No matter the condition of your carpets and area rugs, our carpet cleaning and repair services will leave them fresh, disinfected, clean, and whole. Carpet is the most forgiving floor type, and our technicians are experts at carpet repair. With Credibility Through Knowledge, GM Carpet Care delivers every time!