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Could Stretching The Carpet Help Improve My Home?

Sometimes you choose the perfect color and type of carpet but it begins to look sad and lumpy. Over time, your carpet goes through a great deal of wear and tear in a number of different ways: Heavy foot traffic  Dragging heavy furniture across carpet often can cause rippling  Wrong padding for that type carpet […]

How To Choose The Best Carpet Repair Services In Toms River

Putting carpet in your home is a big investment. The average homeowner pays, on average, between $7-$13 per square foot for the carpet itself. The padding can range anywhere between 6 cents to one dollar per square foot. Then there is the actual installation cost. Some companies offer free installation, but that just means they […]

Benefits of Carpet Stretching In Your Toms River Home

Carpet is one of the most important features of your house. It keeps the floor warm and comfortable. Additionally, your carpet improves the quality of indoor air as well as provides a slip resistant layer. Overall, carpet in good condition will make your house look more stylish and homely. But just like any other household […]

What Causes Carpet Buckles? And What Can Be Done To Repair It? 

When installed correctly and taken care of, carpet is one of the most forgiving flooring options. And, it brings comfort and softness to your safe. Unfortunately, even carpet can have issues, like buckling and rippling. This happens when excess carpet material bunches up, causing all-too-familiar rolls of carpet that don’t lay flat. This can be […]