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Professional Cleaning for Area Rugs

Area rugs are beautiful additions to your home’s interior design as well as excellent insulators and sound-deadeners. However, they can be difficult to clean at home without professional carpet-cleaning assistance. The inevitable spills, foot traffic, dust and dirt, odors, and pet accidents that have damaged your oriental rug or area rug diminish its value and the enjoyment of your home. When you receive a professional area rug cleaning from GM Carpet Care, your area rug will look and smell as good as new! GM has developed 2 certified methods of cleaning both natural fiber and synthetic fiber rugs.

Plant Cleaning

The plant area rug cleaning process involves a week-long treatment of your area rug outside of the home. The dirty rug is inspected and removed from your house temporarily. At our facility, we then shampoo, pretreat, clean, deodorize, and apply a 3M Scotchgard™ application to fortify your rug against future dirt and stains. The rug is then thoroughly dried, rolled in brown paper, and returned in about a week, after which you can enjoy your fresh, clean, beautiful area rug restoration! 


During our on-location area rug cleaning, area rugs retrieve a treatment similar to a standard residential carpet cleaning, with full use of the rug available within 2 to 4 hours. Area rug cleaning involves the inspection, pretreatment, cleaning, and pile raking of the surface fibers of the area rugs within the home. Before the carpet care cleaning, we conduct a thorough inspection of carpet fiber, construction, padding, soiling, and pre-existing damage, and we pre-treat particularly soiled areas.

For both plant cleaning and on-location area rug cleaning, GM Carpet Care offers additional services such as area rug repair and odor removal. With GM Carpet Care, you get only the best rug cleaning service in the business!