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How to Reduce and Remove Pet Odor

We love our furry friends, but having pets in the home can be rough on carpets and furniture. From pet stains to tears and scratches, cats and dogs can do a lot of damage to high quality flooring and upholstery. Pet odor is a particularly universal nuisance for dog and cat owners, and one that can be unpleasant for house guests; nobody enjoys “dog smell” or “cat smell” on carpets and furniture. If you feel like you’re running out of options for pet odor removal and prevention, look no further! Solutions are at hand.

Prevention is Key

While professional-level odor removal is a necessary last resort for carpets and furniture, several prevention techniques can help reduce the frequency of carpet and upholstery cleanings. Frequent vacuuming of pet hair and dander is essential to maintaining the freshness of your home, regardless of how much your cat or dog sheds. Likewise, you should maintain the cleanliness of your furniture and carpets by immediately and thoroughly cleaning any accidents your pet may have. Use home-grade pet stain carpet cleaners and pet odor and stain removers for initial cleanup of carpeting and upholstery. Finally, bathe your dogs regularly to ensure a better-smelling home. Elderly or sick dogs and cats should be bathed frequently— not just for the benefit of your home, but also for their own health and happiness.

Pet Odor Removal Tips

Once pet odor has settled into your carpets and furniture, it’s time to tackle the problem head on! If you can isolate a recent pet stain area, use pet stain remover treatments with natural enzymes as well as an odor neutralizing solution to prevent long-lasting smells. When home remedies and household cleaning solutions can’t do the trick, it’s essential to call in professional help. With every residential visit, GM Carpet Cleaning conducts a standard deep clean of carpets and/or upholstery using deep soil cleaning with powerful truck-mounted units. We pre-spot any major spills and stains and pre-spray soiled problem areas. GM carpet experts also offer additional services of dry bonnet cleaning, shampoo, and odor removal. With our carpet odor eliminator process, trained professionals will leave your home smelling immaculate, in addition to getting rid of stains and unhealthy germs and bacteria. With proper maintenance and professional pet odor eliminator treatment, you can enjoy both your beautiful home and your beloved family pets with your mind at ease!