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Pressure Washing NJWe at GM Services are dedicated to providing residents and business owners with quality hot water power washers that are eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable. We utilize a wide variety of equipment such as various portable pressure washers or our huge truck mounted, industrial units.

We have and can clean HOMES, DRIVEWAYS, SIDEWALKS, GUTTERS, etc. We will thoroughly review each and every situation and take all precautions to protect speakers, electrical boxes, lighting, etc. If you are considering painting your house, our housewash service will be a perfect solution to ensure that there will be proper paint adhesion! Mold, Mildew, Dirt, and Debris are all easily removed.

Pressure Washing NJSERVICES

All Hard Surfaces
Decorative – Brick, Stone, Concrete, Stomped Concrete
Exterior House Washings of ALL sorts
Garage Floors – Driveways
Deck Cleaning
Store Fronts

  1. We offer “FREE ESTIMATES” of all our services, mostly by phone. We will make every effort to thoroughly explain ALL our methods and procedures during the initial call, estimate, and booking.
  2. We encourage you to write down your appointment on a calendar with the individuals name you spoke to, and our phone number. 732-929-9669.
  3. We call 1 week in advance to confirm the appointment, review the work, and our mutual expectations. Often we play “phone tag” but we do request your return phone call.
  4. We call the day before to remind once again. That is, at least, a total of 3 conversations to remember the appointment.
  5. We will call at least 1 hour before, to let you know what time you may expect us.
  6. We ask for access to the nearest area to be cleaned. This may require removal of vehicles from the driveway. PLEASE DO THIS IN ADVANCE OF THE CREWS ARRIVAL.
  7. We ask if you are in a gated community, PLEASE, call in advance to the gate and let security know that you are expecting “GM Services.”
  8. We are in company uniforms and jackets that are clearly labeled. We drive company vans that are also clearly labeled for advertising.
  9. We ask that you PLEASE remove all personal items away from the areas to be pressure washed. (Garage floors- remove all items from the garage floor. Homes – need a 10 ft wide clearance area around home. Simple, Logical, Cooperation is greatly appreciated.)